Vava’u Islands – Form a Company

A Tongan corporation (Limited Company) is a preferred vehicle for acquiring assets that are difficult to transfer later. Owning a company serves to qualify one for their business visa and serves as a protective barrier to matters of liability, hence the term, Limited. Cost is $650TOP.

Forming a Company in Tonga

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The Applicants
First Name of Applicant 1:

Surname of Applicant 1:

Postal Address of Applicant 1:
First Name of Applicant 2:

Surname of Applicant 2:

Postal Address of Applicant 2:
First Name of Applicant 3:

Surname of Applicant 3:

Postal Address of Applicant 3:
The Company
Name of Proposed Company:

Company name, second choice:
Address of Registered Office:

Address for service:
Postal address to which Communications from Registrar may be sent:
The Directors
1st Director’s First Name:

1st Director’s Surname:

1st Director’s Postal Address:
2nd Director’s First Name:

2nd Director’s Surname:

2nd Director’s Postal Address:
Secretary’s First Name:

Secretary’s Surname:
Secretary’s Postal Address:
The Shares
1st Shareholder’s First Name

1st Shareholder’s Surname:

1st Shareholder’s Postal Address:
2nd Shareholder’s First Name

2nd Shareholder’s Surname:

2nd Shareholder’s Postal Address:
Number of shares:

Class of shares:

Value per share: USD$
The Business
Nature of the Business:
Authorized capital of the proposed company: USD$
Email address of Applicant: