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Vava'u Islands - Insurance - Tongamazing.com

Vava’u Islands – Insurance

Travel insurance is a wise decision.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance Tonga

Travelling to Tonga? Have you thought of your travel insurance?

Accidents and illnesses cannot be prevented when travelling to Tonga. Medical urgencies cannot only ruin your trip, but they can also dig a deep hole in your wallet. This is where an international travel health insurance comes into play.

When shopping for a travel insurance for Tonga, you should never accept less than:

Medical and hospitalization coverage. In the case of hospitalization in Tonga, the insurance company should be able to cover the expenses directly so you do not have to pay from your own pocket and then ask for a reimbursement.

Medical repatriation assistance. If something bad happens, you want to make sure you can be sent back home to be treated. An urgency hotline that can be contacted 24/7/365. You never know when you’ll need it, but you do know you want someone to be there if an emergency arises.

Civil liability coverage. If you accidentally hurt someone or damage private property.

Travel Insurance. Simple & Flexible

Scuba Diving Insurance Providers

Offering Plans That Protect You, Your Dive Gear and Travel Costs

Scuba diving insurance is great to have if there is an accident and something goes wrong. Whether you are a diver or not!

The following scuba diving insurance providers all offer varying levels of coverage. Depending on the type of trip you are taking and the coverage you will need, you should be able to find a plan that is right for you.

Divers Alert Network (DAN)

Dan is a non-profit scuba diving and dive safety association and is probably the most well known insurance provider.

They offer dive accident, trip and equipment insurance. Once you join DAN your are eligible for their divers insurance programs.

A basic membership costs $35/year for a single and $55/year for family.

We have been members of DAN since we got certified.( Luckily we have never had to call on them to use their evacuation services.)

Membership includes enrolment in TravelAssist which arranges emergency medical evacuation for any medical emergency. It covers up to $100,000 per person for evacuation costs.

Note, however, you must be more than 50 miles from home to be eligible for this coverage.

DAN also offers 3 levels of dive accident insurance – Preferred ($75/yr), Master ($40) and Standard ($30).

These are secondary coverage’s and range from $45,000 (lifetime coverage) to $250,000 (per occurrence) depending on which plan you choose.

The Standard scuba diving insurance plan covers accidents incurred within a depth of 130 feet. The standard plan also covers “covered diving accidents” which includes decompression illness and/or arterial gas embolism.

The Master and Preferred plan cover accidents at any depth and also insures any “covered diving accident” and “all covered in-water skin-diving and scuba diving injuries”.

There are many diving injuries you could have besides DCI so these are more comprehensive plans.

Among other benefits, the Preferred plan includes diving vacation cancellation and interruption insurance (subject to lifetime limits). Obviously you must read all the fine print when purchasing insurance.

Get the details on DAN dive insurance here.

DAN also offers 3 levels of regular travel insurance in addition to scuba diving insurance. This covers such events as:

trip cancellation
trip interruption
trip delay
baggage delay
equipment/personal effects loss
missed connection
medical expenses
and more

The cost of coverage will depend on the destination and the cost of the trip.

DAN also offers an annual travel insurance plan which covers you for all your trips within the year. If you go on more than one trip a year, this might be a good option for you.

You can see the details of their coverage and get a quote here.




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